Firefox 53 improves stability and critical security holes

Mozilla which has released final Firefox 53 download. The new release process performs the graphics compositor the browser engine are suitable in one – crashes of the compositors now longer has any influence on the main Firefox process, which aims to improve the stability of the browser. In addition, Firefox brings 53 but also fixes for eight vulnerabilities classified as critical.

 Firefox (image: Mozilla) the new compositor is part of project quantum, the new browser engine for Firefox, which users should be available by the end of the year. “The compositor determines what can be seen on the screen, he combines all graphics levels calculated in the browser in an image – very similar to, as well as Photoshop combined levels”, according to Mozilla’s press release a . “Because the quantum compositor on the graphics processor is running and not the main processor, he is very fast.”

in practice tests the quantum compositor have reduced the number of crashes by 10 percent. Initially, he is around 70 percent of Firefox users available under Windows 10, 8 and 7 “platform update with graphics cards from NVIDIA Intel or AMD”. “If you’re wondering what this means for Mac users: macOS running graphics compositing already so stable, that a separate process for the compositor is not necessary.” “

 the compact theme (below) collapses the control elements and creates more space for content (screenshot: the compact theme (below) collapses the control elements and creates more space for content (screenshot: Also, the developers have donated the browser two new themes: compact light and compact dark. Both shrink the larger UI and thus creating more space for content when compared to the default theme. Compact dark should also “eyes not unnecessarily burden, using the browser in the dark”. The themes can be activated via the Add-On management in your browser menu.

in addition to the desktop variant was also Firefox for Android updated. Users can now easier between open tabs back and forth because the browser displays it in two instead of just one column. The function ‘compact tabs’ must be activated but first in the General settings.

in addition, the Android version of the Mozilla browser improved managing the settings for notifications from websites and the use of equipment sensors. Users “as of now a dialog box appears, which clearly shows the requested permissions”, so Mozilla.

a Security Advisory according to Firefox 53 stuffs also 43 security holes. Attacker can in circumstances trigger a crash of the browser and inject malicious code even from a distance, and run. Some of the fixes should prevent but also cross-site scripting attacks, unauthorized memory access, denial-of-service attacks and the read and write locally stored files.


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