“Final Cut Pro X reaches the 2 million users

 Final Cut Pro X reaches two million users

Final Cut Pro X is the Apple professional video editing application. This was widely criticized in Hollywood, but today have made a great accomplishment. Final Cut Pro X beat the two million users assets.

the achievement of Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut is a professional video editing tool. This application competes directly with applications like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro. Use ranges from professional to the lover of video editing.

Thus, it is no wonder that you have reached the 2 million people currently using this application. A fairly high amount. However, this is not the first time that reach this number of users…

 final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X, the great criticized Final Cut Pro

already had reached this staggering before. In concrete, in its 7 i.e., before becoming Final Cut Pro X. why fell then?

when Apple updated its professional video to its tenth version application (although did not follow a sequential numbering), it received much criticism. Many professionals from Hollywood and other places decided not to upgrade and those who had already done so quickly back to Final Cut Pro 7.

 final Cut Pro 7 the old interface of Final Cut Pro 7.

what this refusal to Final Cut Pro X ? For this great update Apple decided to discard anything done so far. Thus, rewrote all the code application. And of course, this has consequences, both negative and positive crowd:

  • point in favor are the fact that being a completely new code the program will be more optimized, having no patches on patches. In addition, also better optimized or the theory that should be…
  • as a negative point we have the fact that the interface has changed completely . Thus, professionals already did not know where were the tools they needed. And learn how to use a video editing program is complicated and time-consuming, so having to learn how to use your editing program is something that can not compensate.
  • but the main problem was not that. Although it was hard to find some things, there were others that even could be found, simply because they were not present. Thus, professionals noticed like them missing a lot of tools .

then, in conclusion, Apple perhaps precipitated the release of Final Cut Pro X. But then they were fixing all these problems and shortcomings, fame already had it is won. But this seems to be changing now, favoring to Final Cut Pro X, because many professionals are returning to the tool.

 final Cut on an iMac

what do you think? are a user of this tool? Professional or amateur level? What is your favorite video editor?

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