Filters the possible iPhone 8 chassis with vertical dual camera

 iPhone 8 chassis 2

a few more months and have finally the awaited iPhone 8, Yes, of which so much has been spoken since last year. In the network are leaks weeks or months before the release of a product, but this time we are facing a chassis of the iPhone 8 where you can appreciate the dual camera vertically and Touch ID on the back hole. this will be the body of the iPhone 8?

filtration or manufacture based on the different concepts of the 8 iPhone?

some claim that it is a filtration but there are other reports that claim that it is a chassis made from the various concepts that have emerged in recent months. What if it is a reality is that rumors are sounding stronger as to see a dual camera vertical and the Touch ID found in another location. This feature has been on many models of mobile phones with Android, since the front is occupied by haptic buttons.  iPhone 8 chassis 4

mentioned that Apple would have difficulties to place Touch ID as part of the display on the iPhone 8, so it would have to decide if it’s important and place it in another position or delete it permanently. Touch ID exists since the 5S iPhone and have had improvements being currently in a second generation which is no longer a physical button as such, but it is a haptic Taptic Engine-driven button it also makes possible the functions with 3D Touch.  iPhone 8 chassis 1

as the camera vertically, rumored that Apple will finally include functions of virtual reality and that this will serve as a support to accommodate possible glasses to the iPhone. The chassis design is fine and thin, without Jack 3, 5mm and with the Lightning connector as is customary. Holes for the volume control, silence and nano-SIM card button.

what do you think of this possible chassis? would like that the iPhone 8 had Touch ID on the back? share your opinions with us in the comments box.

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