Fedora and openSUSE are added to Ubuntu in the Windows store

hell froze when Microsoft announced the arrival of the Bash shell on Windows 10 courtesy of the Windows Subsystem for Linux based on Ubuntu. This special environment received a major upgrade with the Creators Update, but the developers expressed their interest in seeing other supported distros, and Redmond responded. Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE will be available at Windows 10 through the official store, which in turn should ensure compatibility with Windows 10 S.

at the end of the day, Build Conference is focused on developers, and more interesting that it may be one major upgrade or a video editor the goal there is to offer new tools to those who write the code that we use daily, or optimize those that already exist. The relationship between Redmond and Linux is going through a very good time. In March of last year presented to the shell Bash Windows 10, and November was confirmed he joined the Linux Foundation . The company worked closely with Canonical to improve resources of Ubuntu in Windows Subsystem for Linux, and one of the novelties is that Ubuntu will be part of the official shop thus simplifying its distribution and installation.

the presence of Linux in Windows 10 resources continues to grow

the Vice President of the development platform of Windows Kevin Gallo said that Microsoft did not receive many requests to incorporate Bash competitors, but what if asked the developers is the availability of other distros. The consequence is that openSUSE and Fedora are added to Ubuntu in this effort to build bridges and meet the demand. To be compatible with the store, the three distros will be enabled to run in Windows 10 S perfectly logical if we consider its educational profile.

what we don’t have at the moment is an exact date to share. Ubuntu will be (en teoría) the first distro in the store because of the advantage that leads, but estimate that they will not delay too. After so many statements Cross and bitter situations, it is very strange to see altogether Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE on Windows 10 however, all that help developers is welcome.

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