Federal Government wants to not only fend off hacker Army

who wants Government of the Federal Republic of Germany in future cyber attacks, but can also bring out the retaliation. For this, a basis will be created now. Research of SZ, NDR and WDR ensured that, in March, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had given two analyses in order. In one of the technical feasibility should be checked, in the second analysis is to examine the legal basis of such “Cyber army”.

 the Bundeswehr woos new growing tasks already committed forces for her, now she pushed also the cutting-edge research in the field. (Image: Bundeswehr) the Bundeswehr woos new growing tasks already committed forces for her, now she pushed also the cutting-edge research in the field. (Image: Bundeswehr)

in the summer to advise the results in the Federal Security Council, a more or less secret Cabinet Committee, chaired by the Chancellor. This possibility is already discussed. Among the representatives of the people, this step is called “digital final rescue shot”.

there are enough

examples of attacks on important infrastructure in Germany and by government organizations. In the case, the factor time is usually important. An example was the drop in the net of the Bundestag which should have a like before major security flaws incidentally, according to . One such hacker army could then be used, if the attack not otherwise stop, or if about stolen data should be deleted.

the problem with the “ command cyber and information space ” which is subordinate to the Bundeswehr, is that this cyber-soldiers only in the defence case may be active. For all other inserts or any “reprisals”, the Parliament must give a mandate. In addition, under the current law the Bundeswehr only against foreign targets must be active.

another possibility would be that such reprisals are carried by the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI), the even the Cyber‐Abwehrzentrum of the Federal Government is located. In addition, also German Federal Intelligence Service, the Federal Criminal Police Office or protection of the Constitution as the executing authorities consider could come.

significantly more difficult than the question of the technical implementation of such “computer network operations” that is necessary new legal basis for it. For now proposals will be developed.

as Süddeutsche Zeitung reported, it could also be a powers between federal and countries, because threats is basically country thing. The Federal Government, but will likely to insist, that as in the case of the defence of federal jurisdiction gets. An amendment of the basic law but needed to enforce it.

after clear until today not clear who or what is behind the attack on the Parliament, it is not always possible to make a unique source for attacks. Hackers could then by a hospital from their attack. A counterattack could be innocent then the life on this infrastructure.

Martin sound rupture of the European School of management and technology declares NDR to that a shared competence would be a possibility. Because most such attacks outside a clearly defined defence case would happen, what then would be the internal authorities. On the other hand, the Bundeswehr had a defensive mission. “Legally, the police authorities should have this power, but the technical execution could be carried out by the German armed forces,” suggests further sound broken.

criticized Konstantin von Notz, network-policy spokesman of the Greens, that this topic so close to the election will be addressed: “You could have acted there years ago.”


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