FanxFan: For enhance your popularity in social networks and earn money

FanxFan (antes has been relaunched. It has not only changed its logo and domain, the site is now easier to use and works fast like a shot (although numerous failures). In FanxFan we can exchange visits to web and social action in the major networks.
operation is nailed to Fancitos or DameFans because they all use the same software. In this case also we will have also an important community of users, which is a factor of vital importance in achieving a constant and considerable flow of exchanges.

all major social networks and now also short links

in FanxFan we find a site that works from the end of 2015 and that we paid 50 coins and 1 euro only for registering. Among the available networks are typical; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, as well as Youtube and Soundcloud.

There is also the possibility of exchange of web traffic and since its relazamiento the same with shortened links .

now also included an interesting ranges system which allows us to grow in received commissions; loans, as well as direct cash and a percentage of sales making our guests. Not to mention other prizes; extra credits and free VIP subscriptions for more and more time.

free coupons, VIP membership and earn money

there is also the possibility of using coupons (with ‘PROMO-coins’ whereby you should be able to get 5,000 credits if it is still available) and a daily bonus (for which is now required to perform a minimum of 20 exchanges).

Membership VIP, as well as allowing us to score many more points with the daily prize (from 20 to 200 points), is very economical compared with any other. Notably, no users, or VIP, can surf the pages automatically. They have to do it manually, and this is very relevant because it assures us that our pages are seen by every one of the people who visit us.

You can generate money, and they are easy to invite people. For each user you register with FanxFan, then only 8 clicks, we will receive from 0.03 to €0.10, in addition to the 5 to 15% of every purchase made by your guests, depending on your rank.

The money can be removed by Paypal from the $ 5. Now it is also possible to Exchange credits for money.

what are you waiting to try it? There is nothing to lose and much to gain.

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