FalseGuide: Android malware fool around 600,000 play store users

check point has once again on a Android malware in the Google play store made aware. The pest called FalseGuide hidden in fake companion apps for popular mobile games like Pokémon go and FIFA mobile. The first of these apps was already set on 14 February in the marketplace. Since then they should have fooled almost 600,000 play store users.

 security Android (image: ZDNet with material by Shutterstock/Mikko Lemola and Google) some of the apps have been downloaded more than 50,000 times. All apps from check point come together discovered apps on 528.535 to 1.846.160 downloads. To get access to the promised ‘instructions’ for these games, the affected users had to grant the apps administrator rights – what actually is for such apps, a safe indication that one has to deal with malicious software. By using administrator rights, FalseGuide prevents among other things its deletion.

also the malware establishes the Firebase cloud Messaging Messaging service aimed at developers, over the additional modules are available for download. A background process that is activated at the start of each unit also displays pop-up ads. Another module allows you to add an infected Smartphone to a botnet to perform DDoS attacks, for example, or even private networks to infiltrate.

incorrect instructions are according to check point popular with malware authors, because they are easy to program and in the wake of its games have a large target group. So, cybercriminals could attract a large audience with a little effort.

for the first time check point Google pointed out in February on the issue. Despite immediate deletion of apps is infected with FalseGuide succeeded the masterminds, to inject more variants in Google’s Android market place in April. Also they have removed Google immediately after a note from check point.

a Google spokesman said Google do continually improve its systems. We “try immediately to take action, when we on a questionable app be made aware”.

even if the FalseGuide apps are no longer offered in the play store, the botnet so constructed is probably still active. For the large number of installations and the absence of a callback possibility for deleted or malicious apps talk.


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