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 Facebook Messenger in iOS

Facebook released today a new redesign for its messaging Messenger application . This new design is now available both in iOS as Android. He is not an excessively deep change, but enough to lighten the interface to the user and make the application a little more intuitive. Their new image messages and games


Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger face washing comes just a few weeks after the presentation that made the company announcing important news. This slight change search place greater emphasis on the new features of Messenger . New games and a facelift to see which friends are online and which notifications we have lost.

 Facebook Messenger iOSFacebook Messenger in iOS old disdain on the left, new design right

the main feature of this new user interface is the introduction of three new tabs on the top of the application. The first tab is for direct messages, the second tab for active friends and the third for groups. Facebook looking for the way to ensure that Messenger is “its centre of connection between all the people and companies that we are interested in” .

something more that a simple facelift

Although Facebook does not say it directly, this change serves the need of the company to a more prominent positioning of active friends, which could impact a to greater interaction in real time and more frequently among the users of Facebook Messenger.

for this reason, Facebook decided to extend your app from messaging to include the toolbar of iOS in the upper part of the screen, instead of stopping just below the bar as to Messenger before.

 Facebook Messenger with 3D Touch

greater ease of use, the possibility to reach your contacts more quickly, jump between different conversations right in the place where you had left them and start new chats more quickly and easily, all this you’ll have in the new Messenger application.

more changes for Messenger

but all off, the tabs on the bottom of the app in iOS also have descriptions including the home, calls, people and games tab (the latter is one of the new options added to Facebook Messenger). This functionality was launched by Facebook earlier this month, allowing the possibility to users play with a variety of games within the own messaging application.

another aspect which has been varied in the new version of Facebook Messenger has been camera button. You are now aligned with the rest of the tabs, losing something of importance as they have other applications of messaging as Snapchat.

 Facebook Messenger in iOS

Facebook is also adding red dots for iOS badges. This means that when users log on to the application and have a message or a missed call, will be shown a logo on the corresponding tab.

follow abreast of any developments through the new version of Messenger News our website .

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