Facebook reports 1.2 billion users worldwide

around the world 1.2 billion people use Facebook’s messaging app, such as David Marcus, Director of messaging products at Facebook on Wednesday in a post told . That is a considerable number in a world population of 7.5 billion. Facebook has now twice as many users as Instagram with 600 million users a month and comes in about the same number like WhatsApp with also 1.2 billion users per month.

 Facebook Messenger (image: Facebook)

Facebook announced in February that a billion messages via Messenger are sent each month. 400 million people use the video calling feature of the app.

“I hear impressive stories where our product has become an important part of everyday life,” explains Marcus in his entry. “All of us here at Messenger thank you for it.” “We are grateful that they still use the Messenger, to be with people and companies that are important to you to stay in touch”.

the service includes games, video telephony, and the sticker was beefed up since the introduction of the Messenger app in 2014. In recent months, a whole host of new features was added including the reaction of Emojis, group payments, or the function “Live location”, the Messenger users to share their current location in real time with friends and family.

 Facebook post by David Marcus (screenshot: ZDNet.de) Facebook post by David Marcus (screenshot: ZDNet.de)

In February Dan Rose, Vice President partnerships at Facebook, had explained code Media Conference in Dana Point California re codes that Facebook currently on an app for set-top boxes, including Apple TV , Amazon fire TV and Samsung smart TV worked. Additional platforms to follow.

to see all videos, one typically sees on Facebook, even on a large screen let. These include also videos that share friends or pages, top videos worldwide and proposals on the basis of the own interests. DISPLAY

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