Facebook prohibits use of its data for monitoring tools

Facebook pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) its terms of use revised. You now specifically prohibit the use of data that provide the social network, as well as his daughter Instagram developers, for monitoring tools. The company stressed, however, that such tools already violate the existing conditions.

 Facebook (image: Facebook) “today we added wording to the terms of use for our Facebook and Instagram platform, which more clearly explain that developers may not use data received by us, to offer intended tools for monitoring purposes”, it says in a post by Rob Sherman Deputy Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook.

already in the past few months be taken action against developers, been monitoring tools were developed and sold. “We want to make sure that everyone understands the underlying rules and know how he implements them. Goal is to make our rules more understandable.”

which had the ACLU last October Facebook and also Twitter accused, en masse supplied userdata for a monitoring program for social media . Specifically, it was about the relationship of both companies to a Chicago, Illinois-based company called GEO fairy slide. It supplies about 500 law enforcement and security authorities with personal information and location data from users. Twitter and Facebook disabled access by GEO fairy slide on their streams affiliated.

“We welcome this first step away from Facebook and encourage all technology companies, on the side of history that supports human rights and dignity,” be Malkia Cyril, Executive Director and founder of the Center for media justice, quoted in a press release of ACLU . Technology companies supported authoritarian regimes, when they allowed the use of its platforms for monitoring the mass of activists and other target groups. But even more it must be done to protect individual groups from censorship and surveillance in social media.

Facebook’s only source of income is the data of its users. It usually uses it for its advertising business, which is responsible for the largest portion of the sales. Facebook passes data but also to developers who evaluate them to determine, for example, trends or to examine public events. The data can be analyzed but also for monitoring purposes, to collect, for example, participants in demonstrations or to check the activities of minorities.

the latter in turn belongs to the business of companies like geo fairy slide, which operates a location-based analytics platform according to own statements. Publicly available real-time data the company receives not only from Facebook and Twitter, but according to own statements by YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, VK and SINA Weibo. Its clients include Microsoft, the BBC, Fox Sports and Mashable .


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