Facebook: Messenger Lite is available now in Germany

Facebook Lite is available now in Germany. Half a year ago, the company had introduced the slimmed-down version of its standalone Messenger app for to Android made them available as initially but only in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. The so-called Messenger Lite has the core features of Facebook Messenger and was originally designed for simple Android smartphones as well as optimized slow cellular networks in emerging markets. It allows the exchange of text, photos, and links with all the users of Facebook Messenger and Messenger Lite. Die App steht im Play Store zum Download bereit.

Messenger Lite (Bild: Facebook)“Mehr als eine Milliarde Menschen weltweit nutzt Messenger jeden Monat auf unterschiedlichsten Geräten und in Netzwerken mit verschiedenen Geschwindigkeiten”, schrieb Tom Mulcahy, Engineering Manager für Messenger Lite, damals in einem Blogeintrag. “With Messenger Lite can more people contact remain, regardless of network conditions and the capacities of its Android powered devices.”

for the standard version of the Facebook Messenger users during the initial installation will need to download more than 40 MB. On an older Android phone like a Moto G LTE from the year 2014 is the installation also more than one minute to complete. The app then charged the device memory with about 170 MB.

the installation file of the Messenger Lite is according to APKMirror however, only 5.43 MB big. On a Smartphone, it occupies less than 10 MByte (9.43 MB), so around 94 percent less space than Facebook Messenger. Also the installation and start the application are thus accelerated according to Facebook.

for users of the Lite version have to give up various features. For example, the call function, nor the group chats available to guests. Lite users must forego also reviews comments with Emojis, as also the mentions, the roll-call highlights from counterparts in groups. Waived was also on the bubbles appears at the edge of the current talks, the so-called chat-heads.

which version of Messenger is installed, is seen by the way easily in the logo. While the Messenger displays a white Flash on a blue background, the logo of the Messenger Lite turns the colors to blue Flash on a white background.


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