Facebook fined to pay 122 million dollars for irregularities in the purchase of WhatsApp

 Facebook and WhatsApp

the European Commission has fined Facebook with 122 million dollars for irregularities with the acquisition of WhatsApp in 2014. Facebook was reported at the time of the acquisition of WhatsApp, that it was not possible to join the identities of the profiles of the social network messaging app.

Facebook gave incorrect information about the possibility of joining the identities of users of both applications

press release, that yesterday the European Commission notified this irregularity, announced that the social networking company announced incorrect information at the time that informed regulatory officials that it would be impossible to join the profiles of users of WhatsApp with profiles in Facebook. 

a this information, WhatsApp in 2016 despite announced that it would begin to share some user data, including phone numbers with Facebook, contradicting what he communicated at first. In this same press release, the European Commission communicated that Facebook knew perfectly that there was possibility of transfer of information with WhatsApp from the year 2014. that same year, Facebook acquired messaging app for 22 million dollars. Thus the Commission has announced in its note:

at the moment wherein Facebook notifying WhatsApp acquisition in 2014, informed the European Commission that it would be impossible to establish a union between Facebook users and WhatsApp automated. However, in August of 2016 announced that WhatsApp updated their terms of service and privacy including the possibility of joining the numbers used in WhatsApp identities on Facebook.

 Facebook and WhatsApp in the iPhone

Facebook Zuckerberg company lied in 2014

the European Commission has found that the reports of the company of Zuckerberg in 2014, prior to the purchase of WhatsApp, which stated the possibility of uniting both applications were untrue and that in fact, his team knew perfectly that this possibility was real . In addition it could corroborate this information, when last year WhatsApp modified its privacy policy.

standard of the European Commission will not have any impact in the purchase of WhatsApp by Mark Zuckerberg and remain both applications separately, especially for purposes of research that is being conducted as to protection of personal data is concerned. Currently, this research is being conducted in the historical archive of information from the users of WhatsApp in Germany, United Kingdom and Italy.

the European Commission aims to this Act to send a touch to those companies pending formalize any fusion:

the decision which has been taken, we hope to send the proper touch. Companies have to meet the standards of the European Union in terms of corporate mergers. We are imposing a fine on Facebook in proportion to the non-compliance of the previously established rules. The Commission has to be able to make decisions about the effects of corporate mergers can have. In addition, you must have full knowledge of the facts and available information.

 Facebook and WhatsApp Facebook Logos and WhatsApp to Pac-Man mode

Facebook response did not expect

company of Mark Zuckerberg announced today, in your own website to acted in ‘good faith’ during the relevant communication with the European Commission and that ‘has always tried to provide accurate information’ . Facebook has commented, inter alia:

the errors that we made in 2014 were not intentional and the European Commission has confirmed that it has not had impact on the outcome of the merger with WhatsApp. Today’s announcement has finally allowed to close this case.

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