Facebook closes oculus story Studio

Facebook makes surprisingly tight Studio founded two years ago, the oculus story, with the virtual-reality content wanted to make it as an example. All ongoing projects of the Studio set. The 50 employees are recommended to apply, the manufacturer of the VR glasses oculus rift other sites at oculus .

 oculus rift (picture: oculus VR) oculus rift (picture: oculus VR)

the productions were quite well received. The animated VR short film “Henry”, which was a cute Hedgehog, won even an Emmy award as outstanding “original interactive program”. This year, the so far most ambitious virtual-reality-production of the studios came out with “Dear Angelica”.

most recently had the creative makers dabbles in 3D-Comics and presented a collection of VR comic on the Tribeca Film Festival. Is now questionable whether this also as planned will be published later in the year. There is probably nothing more from the most recent project, a VR adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s children’s book “The Wolves in the Walls”.

Facebook wants but promote next VR productions, asserts in a Jason Rubin, who is responsible at oculus as Vice President of content blog . “Now we set up the next chapter of creative work of VR development, enter into the new creator in the expectation of acceptance and growth in the market”, he writes. “We have thought about, how we best use our resources, to exert influence on the ecosystem. After careful consideration we have decided to shift the focus of the internal development of content on the support of more external production.”

oculus had last year is already set, put an additional $250 million to promote VR content developers around the world. Thus, in particular computer games were promoted. Now, $50 million from this financial obligation should be removed for more can be experienced VR content that have nothing to do with games. “This money will go directly to artists, to contribute to the jump-start of the most innovative and seminal VR ideas”, so Ruby.

oculus took over

Facebook of around $2 billion 2014 for and granted the company initially ample independence. In recent months but the mother company pulled on the reins and demoted the previous oculus CEO Brendan Iribe. In January, it ordered the former Google – and Xiaomi Manager Hugo Barra to head of his virtual reality Division, which was responsible as Vice President of virtual reality at the same time also for the oculus team.

in February, the question arose whether the oculus hype already subsides after Facebook closed many VR-demo-stands. The sales consultant for the US electronics retailer best buy reported further decreasing interest low and . Due to lack of demand, it had come on some days to any single demonstration of the virtual-reality headsets.

as of oculus from a year with the delayed delivery of his rift headsets for 599 dollars began, only partially convinced the VR glasses . The first testers praised design and product quality, saw the promised bright future of virtual reality but still in the distance. The price high when compared to competing products found widespread criticism, especially since the headset only with a high end PC is to use. Last but not least, they criticized the limited selection of games and apps.


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