Facebook advances the world of video games with its introduction in Messenger

the world of videogames invoice million euros a year. And in that area, one of the most growing markets is on the casual games thanks to the smartphone. It seems that Facebook want to also get into this market through Messenger.

you can already play on Messenger Massanger

is the implementation of IM for Facebook, and seems to be the basis for the system of the company.

but this is not the first attempt at gaming platform. Facebook, like other social networks such as Tuenti, already has a online games platform. Still, this was never very successful, and today its use is restricted to store and share scores of external games. “

 instant Games on Messenger instant Games on Messenger, the new feature’s the Facebook messaging application.

and how it works? When you want to play a game is enough to select it from the list. If you want to play with a friend or more, enough to share the game by the chat of the application messaging Messenger. Simple, right?

and what kind of games will have? At the beginning, all games will be simple and casual . I.e., a first not can expect to see very complex games, both visually and arguably, but we will see games to play from time to time. Still, Facebook says that the platform has potential for more serious games. That Yes, now do not have thought beyond mobile phones, because the games will be distributed through the store’s Facebook Messenger.

 game in Facebook Messenger. games on Facebook Messenger chats.

Comparison with other platforms like

but in the strict sense of the word Facebook has not innovated, since there are already similar platforms.

one of them is iMessage the instant messaging application from Apple . As you all know, this application stands out due to add-ins that are available through the App Store . In fact, according to several American media, this Facebook entertainment system would be to respond to the own Apple iMessage.

another application that has a similar concept is Telegram . As you all know, Telegram is one of the applications of instant messaging more used, and unlike iMessage, it is available for all platforms. Telegram is at the forefront of messaging applications, being one of the applications as more options have. Thus, in addition to the channels, bots and more, also includes the possibility of play in HTML5 . And, as with Messenger, here also is allowed to ship games by chats and groups, as well as accounting the score.

 game HTML5 in Telegram. HTML5 games at Telegram.


seems to be that Facebook tries to make more popular your instant messaging application incorporating features like this. do you what do you think?

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