Eye, the Holster that allows you to have an Android an iPhone

 cover Eye within

can you imagine carrying two phones in one? Yes, an Android on an iPhone, but without losing the iOS and the functions to which you are accustomed. this Kickstarter project is very interesting and controversial, a user that is not in accordance with the terms of iOS may seem a bad product. Eye, a revolutionary case that promises to cause good impressions.

carries the potential of Android on your iPhone thanks to this curious case

this project developed by the israeli company ESTI Inc., Eye, is a sleeve that has within it an Android. The project is a success because has exceeded the goal of gathering 100,000 dollars. those who love Android and iOS are probably those who have opted for this cover. Would you like to meet her?

would advantage has Eye on other covers?

basically, offer everything the iPhone does not have. as the Wireless charging, two slots SIM, a microSD card slot, and an infrared port, and if outside also features a 3, 5 mm jack. The Android screen is 5″ OLED with Nougat 7.0, processor MediaTek helium P20 and 3 GB of RAM.  Eye cover for iPhone with Wireless charging

is functional to have two devices in one at a time? Ignore one to make way for another? What is surprising is that its price is $ 95. a very low price that is not worth of an Android with all of the features described above.

you can consult all the details of this project directly from here . April 15 is the deadline for fundraising, which carry $141.443 at the time of writing this post.  Eye cover for iPhone with Android

do you think about this product? Do you think having much future to go to market in large stores of technology? If possible, would you buy it? don’t forget to leave us your opinions in the comments box. Your opinion is very important to us.

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