Extract and copy the data from a table in PDF files

with tables you can select and remove a table from a PDF file and then store the information in format CSV, TLS, etc. But the platform also allows you to select a row or column, to save the data in a row or column of a table in a PDF file.

a difference from other programs that extract data from a table in a PDF file (ByteScout PDF Multitool or 3 * Four PDF), tables is characterized by its simplicity and effectiveness at the time of removal of the tables.

Once downloaded the program from their official website, you’ll notice how it will run a CMD window and opens a tab of the default browser on your computer, which will be the interface of the environment. ( /).

 Web interface

the first thing you have to do is search the PDF file on your computer, and then click on the button” Import “, at this point the utility will load the PDF file in the Web browser tab, and divided it into pages. “

 is also a viewer is also a viewer

now you choose the page from which you want to extract tables and with the mouse to select the table (or part of it) and click on the green button located in the upper part of the interface. “

 in our tests it all worked to perfection in our tests everything worked to perfection

move to another level of the process, where you will see the removal of the contents of the table. It only remains you to select the output format (CSV, TSV, JSON, CSV, or Script ZIP) and to complete the extraction you will have to click on the button export either save the information on the Clipboard.

as you can see work with the environment is really simple, but if you want to make things a little easier, you can click on the button “Autodetected Tables ‘ and platform will detect all tables from all pages of the PDF and will extract it in the format you select. “

 export works very well export works very well

the tool is really one of the easiest options for extract tables from a PDF file but its function of detecting all the tables in a document and extract them into a single file, stand out it from other similar utilities.

tabula is a free program which is available for operating systems Windows and Mac OS x.

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