EU Parliament decided by a large majority, the European Parliament has compromise approved one and thus cleared the way for the planned elimination of roaming charges in the EU abolition of roaming charges

. The vote was the roaming wholesale prices, which may charge to each other mobile service provider. Here, price caps from mid-June to allow “Roaming domestic prices”.

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“this is a very good news for European consumers”, the parliamentary rapporteur Miapetra Kumpula-Natri said. “We can happy actually, that there are no roaming fees from June 15. Users who are traveling in Europe, can read their emails, navigate, upload photos to their social media profiles and phone home or texts without additional costs.”

which actually means that consumer at that time can use their mobile devices for temporary stays in other EU countries to their domestic contracts conditions. They exceed however contractual terms and conditions of roaming charges shall not exceed the established price cap.

a game room to draw different limits of contractual usage while roaming and thus restrict the freely available data set when roaming remains the network operators. This is due to a “fair-use rule”, which is intended to protect the provider from a misuse of the roaming. You can provide so different usage limits in their respective tariffs. In this respect is the “roaming domestic prices” advocated by the EU but with restrictions on the eighth.

already used mobile service provider have also the possibility to expand previously offered rates to “Roaming inclusive” and at the same time to make them more expensive. This eliminates the risk of extremely high bills although after traveling abroad, but the costs are spread over more paying customers – without having the companies must give up revenue. “The end of roaming charges is an overrated success”, Frankfurter Rundschau commented.

the agreement also has a long history. Already 2013, the former Commission had decided to delete the additional fees from 1 July 2014. After the European Parliament had opted for eliminating from 15th December 2015, which, however, refused the European Council – the body of EU Heads of State and heads of Government. Finally new Bill was a that accounts for the roaming tariffs from June 2017. In February of this year, EU organizations on maximum limits for the prices, which were but still formally decide by Parliament and Council agreed finally. DISPLAY

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