EU imposed against Facebook fine of 110 million euro

the European Commission imposed a fine in the amount of 110 million euros against the US group Facebook. The company has in order to check its takeover by WhatsApp who made incorrect relationship wise misleading claims in 2014 under the EU merger regulation by the Commission.

the merger examination was the Commission’s gone 2014 also to the question of whether Facebook could reconcile the accounts by WhatsApp with their own. To do this, the company has stated a reliable automatic synchronizing between the accounts is not possible.

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2016 WhatsApp introduced then a new privacy policy, allowed the advertising messages. At the same time it resembled off now its user database via phone with Facebook. Facebook could show ads targeted using information from WhatsApp was the official reason. Competition Commissioner Vestager took these changes a test for whether to reopen is the merger control procedure. While 2014, the EU had the takeover for $19 billion already approved here, but also the promise of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg plays a role, there will be no Exchange customer data between the two companies.

the EU Commissioner for competition policy Margrethe Vestager stated: “ of today’s decision is a clear message to companies that they must follow the EU merger control rules, including to make also the obligation, factually correct information. For this reason, he foresees a proportionate and dissuasive fine against Facebook. 

the decision has no effect on the approval of the merger by the EU issued in October 2014. The Commission had considered at the time the hypothetical scenario that a Nutzerabgleich would be possible. On this basis, it finds that the incorrect or misleading information provided by Facebook were indeed relevant, but had no influence on the outcome of the approval decision.


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