EU data protection regulation: HPE Starter Kit presents

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) wants companies in the implementation of the EU data protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO or General Data Protection regulation, GDPR) help. This has the software package GDPR Starter Kit presented, the information covered by the new directive, identifies, classifies and secures.

(Bild: Rosenthal) the data protection regulation is already valid. However, there is a transitional period, which ends on May 25, 2018, in just over a year. The EU DSGVO shall apply in all EU Member States and Federal Data Protection Act, State data protection law, as well as the EU data protection directive 95/46 are no longer applicable or repealed.

by the deadline in may 2018. Otherwise face hefty penalties. So far, a limit of liability not to exceed 300,000 euros was according to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). Now para 5 of the DSGVO offers the ability to impose fines up to EUR 20 million respectively for groups up to four percent of the worldwide turnover of the previous year the supervisory authorities under other article 83. These high fines will deter and incurred according to DSGVO especially for companies, Member States could set “other sanctions” for infringements. According to specialist lawyers, even criminal penalties such as imprisonment of up to three years threaten DSAnpUG violations in the handling of personal data according to § 42.

“for companies, it is often hard to find the beginning because they have billions of data objects, the time limits for the implementation are short and alone the question which data are covered, is the already cumbersome and complex”, as Joe Garber, Vice President for marketing, information management & governance at HPE software. “With the GDPR Starter Kit, we offer our customers an easy-to-integrate solution for assessing their data, which they then already made the first step for the data required in the regulation and risk management.”

the GDPR Starter Kit complements HPEs solution portfolio for the data protection regulation and to equip with further tools company, to reach the next steps for compliance. The kit combines software such as HPE ControlPoint, HPE structured data manager, HPE content can in a solution package, the customer perform a staff data assessment Manager and HPE SecureData and optionally encrypt the data, which are affected by the new regulation.

the combination of classification, governance and data security products is a unique feature and offers a number of important advantages such as the automatic evaluation of structured and unstructured data, which replaced the traditional, manual and therefore error-prone process. According to HPE, it also offers a cost effective, fast and automatic encryption-relevant data to reduce security breaches.

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