ESET: Malicious chrome extensions compromise the browser

the ESET antivirus provider reported by increasingly observed chrome -extensions that inject malicious code in Web pages. He referred to the malware as JS/Chromex.Submelius and sees a risk that attacks in some countries particularly around in her. She should are extremely rampant in South American countries and there sometimes 30 to 40 percent of all detected threats.

 chrome (image: Google)

the compromise begins, offering the online streaming of films accordingly, for example, on Web pages. Click on the play icon makes a not easily absorbed pop up window with a warning. The user is urged as clicking on the button “Accept” as can be not otherwise remove the annoying pop up, and then redirected to the chrome Web store. There download of a harmless published chrome extension is placed near him then about “video downloader plus” or “Cursor Bubble” can mean.

who adds such an extension to the chrome browser, has these already compromised, security researchers do blog in one. The really useless extension have surreptitiously permission themselves with their installation, to read all data from visited Web pages and to change. Thus a loophole had been created in the browser and when you visit any page malicious code could be implemented in chrome.

“then suddenly new window open while surfing the Internet, include the information about the current system,” ESET describes the more experience of affected users. “The new window direct the user to other websites that have malicious code, advertising and other content. Thus begins. an endless loop, from which benefited only the malware developers themselves”

the Slovak security company advises to the fastest removal of malicious extension. For this, it is sufficient to write “chrome://extensions” in the address bar of the browser and confirm with the Enter key. Where dubious extensions are listed, they are to remove.

Google is the issue of malware attacks on his popular chrome browser already aware. chrome help your own page is “unwanted ads, pop ups and malware remove chrome”, the recommendations for the removal of unwanted software or malware are on different operating systems. At chrome for Mac, the Internet Group recently, the improved malware protection through security functions which are Windows users for years available.


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