EO Browser: images satellite to a couple of clicks

the satellites in orbit have captured stunning images of the Earth for decades, but this is not always comfortable or easy to access them (aún si se encuentran en el dominio público) . Fortunately emerging new tools, and one of them is EO Browser with fabulous data coming from the Landsat program and the missions Sentinel program Copernicus led by the European Space Agency .

see Earth is something critical, even though politicians in turn with its its short-term vision and budget cuts may not understand it. Past, present and future parade in each downloaded picture of a satellite. From the evolution of cities up to the advancement of other effects, including erosion and deforestation, all looks clearly beyond up. Experts have given us some very powerful resources, such as Landsat program and Copernicus . The material collected by these programs do not take long to reach general availability, but what is needed is a kind of simple and intuitive interface for exploring it. At that point is when to intervene EO Browser .

EO Browser has Landsat images…
… and the Sentinel missions.

EO Browser combines all the missions Sentinel 2, Sentinel 3 images with some elegance and Proba-V of the European Space Agency, and the last three missions Landsat: 5, 7 and 8 (recordemos que Landsat 6 jamás llegó a órbita) . EO Browser let us compare images with the passage of time, and apply filters such as false-colour or NDVI (índice de vegetación de diferencia normalizada) . There is also the option to customize the visualization process, and this happens on your browser without the need of external plugins or a formal record. Depending on the image, it is likely that EO Browser asks us to change the zoom, but nothing more than that.

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in total, are facing complete petabytes of data without combine the latest available images that are preserved in digital files. Another very interesting aspect is that the downloads are optional. Advanced processing running on the cloud without any problems, but if at the end of the day you want a JPG, nothing will prevent you to get it. EO Browser is a formidable resource, and deserves your time.

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