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Edition Ceramic

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from France arrives to US information about a new French company, named Edition Ceramic which comes to surprise us with the presentation of its first collection of luxury jewels made of ceramic making use of a printer 3D . A new sign of how 3D printing can reach all sectors of the market offering new standards.

apparently, this French startup, founded in 2016 in the town of Limoges by Marc-Emmanuel Faure with the aim of confronting the creation for the market with the rationality of production being the main aim imperatives give a chance to young designers so that they can launch their collections.

Edition Ceramic dazzles during the presentation of their first collection of luxury jewels made in ceramics by 3D printing.

to get to bring this initiative to fruition Edition Ceramic has established an alliance with one of the most devoted European designers schools of the time as the is national art school of France without a doubt a collaboration that both designers and creators of jewelry and the company itself will be benefited in the short term.

this first collection created by students of the school, led on this occasion by Terhi Tolvanen, contemporary jewellery Designer. This new collection is already on sale via the company’s web site. As detail, let know you are responsible for making all these parts 3DCeram another company based in Limoges, specialized in manufacturing high quality ceramic pieces by imrpesion 3D.

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