Eco: Avalanche botnet makes online banking remains uneasy

in Germany are numerous PCs and Smartphones continue to infected with malicious software that have the avalanche – botnet spread, such as eco – Association tells the Internet industry E.v.. “Most users ignore yet their Internet service provider’s instructions urgently to clean their equipment,” says Peter Meyer, project manager of the eco-services Botfrei. “In particular banking Trojan had infected hundreds of thousands of PCs in Germany about avalanche, still represent a threat.” The malicious programs could allow cybercriminals full access to bank accounts and offer the possibility to carry out transactions. a free service of eco – Association of the Internet industry e.V. with the support of its member companies, has to reduce the target, the number of infected computers, tablets and Smartphones, to help users to clean their Internet devices from malicious programs.

 Botfrei EU-cleaner mobile (image: eco) Botfrei EU-cleaner mobile (image: eco)

the eco Association recommends therefore all users their PCs, laptops and Android – smartphones using a current anti-virus program or the free Botfrei EU – cleaners to check and clean up. This applies particularly to users who by their Internet service provider already on a possible infection were noted, but so far failed to resolve the threat. The EU cleaner Botfrei mobile is edited in cooperation with the service Botfrei by the eco Association, a product of GData.

 Botfrei EU cleaner before the scans (screenshot: Botfrei EU cleaner before the scans (screenshot:

by early December 2016 infiltrated the international botnet avalanche of loud eco blackmail Trojans, spam and phishing messages on hundreds of thousands of computers in Germany. On 1 December, an international team of investigators announced the destruction of the worldwide cybercrime network. This was preceded by four years of intensive investigation. Since then, the computer emergency response informed team of the Federal Administration (CERT-Bund) which may have been Internet provider, which IP addresses of avalanche victims of malware infection. Many providers have passed on this information to their clients, but only a small part has eliminated then the infection.

“Many users who have been victims of cybercrime network avalanche, are apparently not aware”, says Peter Meyer. “Just users of Android smartphones don’t know how is your mobile device for malware. So they threaten. for example, their banking transactions” Avalanche described the investigators as one of the largest infrastructures for the operation of botnets worldwide. 39 Server and several hundred thousand domains were seized during the investigation. Today, there are no new infections of avalanche, the previous infections be eliminated however still too hesitantly by the users.

 Botfrei EU cleaner after checking (screenshot: Botfrei EU cleaner after checking (screenshot:

the Botfrei EU-cleaner, replaced by the way, no anti-virus software can be tested free for 30 days. After installation, the user is prompted for a North already existing account or to login otherwise new. First name, name, and email address are required. With the registration, the user receives access to the premium features for 30 days. The basic functions like the malware protection are preserved after expiration of the premium period. The premium can be unlocked at any time again. For the app, a price of 9.99 Euro is specified to play store.

for the registration of the device in the malware protection cloud, the app requires access to the device ID. Subsequently, permission must be granted for the app to make phone calls and manage. It also calls on access to photos and media files. Also the blog by Botfrei provides more information. DISPLAY

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