E.ON and Google launch partnership for the development of solar energy

E.ON and Google their partnership for the development of solar energy announced. The two companies jointly offer the platform used in the United States since 2005 sunroof in Germany now. To the launch of the platform in Germany, sunroof is incorporated exclusively on www.eon-solar.de . Around seven million buildings are covered by the website, including metropolitan areas such as Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and the Ruhr area, said the company.

home owners to determine easily and precisely the solar potential of your home with the help of technology, as well as Joel Conkling, product manager, project sunroof, explains on the Google product blog . This, it is sufficient to enter the address of your own online. Using less additional parameters the construction of a complex to can be scheduled in the future.

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to launch covers about 40 percent of the German population. In the medium term, as many German households should be recorded. The partner, parallel, check whether the system to other countries can be rolled out.

on the website technologies such as Google Earth & maps, 3D models and machine learning, so self-learning software, are combined to answer requests as precisely as possible. For each covered roof, sunroof calculated how much sunlight in the course of the year it is. It takes into account weather data, the position of the Sun to different seasons, surface and slope of the roof and the shade of surrounding buildings or trees. At the end of “sunroof translates” the measured light in energy as well as potential cost savings. “


interested homeowners can determine as their solar potential, request request but also a suitable package, consisting of photovoltaic module, aura battery storage as well as E.ON SolarCloud. E.ON offers a “sunshine guarantee” that the solar system also achieves the calculated yield according to own. Financially, the company compensates lower values, so the promise.

“with sunroof able us to digitize the sales of solar systems and continue to increase so the attractiveness of photovoltaics. Here, the potential is clear, which can develop digitization for the continued success of the energy revolution. We will develop additional digital products over sunroof and E.ON SolarCloud, to provide maximum independence and safety with E.ON solar solutions to our customers”, says Karsten Wildberger, Board member of E.ON.

in the United States there is a sunroof since 2015, where it covers about 60 million building. 79 percent of all examined roofs proved to be suitable for solar power on average. Southern States like Arizona achieved this values of over 90 percent, but also Northern States like Maine came up with values of over 60 percent. On the rooftops of a city like the Texas Houston around 19,000 gigawatt hours (GWh) each year power could be generated. This corresponds to the needs of 1.7 million households.

for Germany the German Economics Ministry expects out usable roof surface potential for photovoltaics of less than 1,100 square kilometers – an area, half the size of the Saarland. That photovoltaic systems could be installed with a capacity of around 100 gigawatts. So far only a quarter of this potential will exhausted, so the Ministry.

“Google sets within its own infrastructure and in addition for many years on renewable energy. With sunroof we would like to make a contribution, that also in Germany, even more people unlock the potential of their own sunroofs”, explains Philipp Justus, Vice President of Google in Germany and Central Europe.

next to “Sunroof” E.ON and Google to cooperate in the development of start-ups, as well as in the areas of digital marketing and digital transformation.


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