DynamIQ: Meet the new architecture of ARM

intelligence artificial autonomous cars, services in the cloud, devices wearable new generations of smartphones and tablets, hybrid computers… ARM has his hands full, that there is no doubt. The titan of Cambridge estimated sales by 100 billion chips in the next five years and that means huge differences in terms of performance and power consumption. ARM solved a large part of them with big . LITTLE but new demands require a new architecture, and in this way we arrive at DynamIQ .

has an absolute majority of smartphones and tablets an ARM chip in its interior. It extends to an increasingly larger number of routers. Own Raspberry Pi with 12.5 million units sold all its models based on ARM technology. And honestly, is not difficult to understand by what . Hardware has a relationship between performance and energy efficiency more and more advanced, their licenses are flexible, and the overall cost tends to be low. At the same time, we should also highlight that ARM virtually do not have competition in the mobile space, but instead stagnate, the company already think expand. What you have up his sleeve? Nothing less than a new architecture: DynamIQ .

DynamIQ breaks the big chains. LITTLE and opens the door to all kinds of configurations special

from one point of view, DynamIQ is the next evolutionary leap for big. LITTLE a large bet on heterogeneous configurations and more flexibility. Depending on the needs of customers, DynamIQ may return up to eight cores per node with multiple variants. This means that under a same node, ARM has managed to combine nuclei associated with different families, which in turn breaks the original boundaries of big. LITTLE. Unfortunately, ARM did not give too much technical detail on these theoretical variants, but yes confirmed that artificial intelligence will be a priority at DynamIQ (anticipa hasta 50 veces el rendimiento en dichas aplicaciones) and that the cores will be controlled independently in voltage, frequency, and suspend state.

ARM speaks chips 100 billion over five years, DynamIQ will be its spearhead

more is say, the potential of DynamIQ is gigantic. ARM expects to see new architecture in cars and autonomous homes, deep learning, and obviously, mobile platforms. It will be very interesting to study the next generation of smartphones and tablets with much more exotic settings of nuclei.

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