DxOMark: HTC U 11 beats Google in Smartphone photography has pixel and Galaxy S8

Samsung the field run long time. The Galaxy S7 and the 7 edge were the top performers, until they are the Google pixel with 89 points only one point had to surrender. Only yesterday could Samsung’s Galaxy S8 get again 88 points like the previous into the DxOMark and Google put on the 2nd place behind . The joy lasted not long enough.

 HTC U 11 (image: HTC) HTC U 11 (image: HTC)

today officially imagined HTC’s U-11 has managed to put 90 points at the top of the entire field in the DxOMark with and to beat Google’s pixels, S8 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S7 edge by 2 points. HTC has the best rated Smartphone camera into the DxOMark history.

 DxOMark: camera ranking may 2017 (screenshot: ZDNet.de)

HTC U-11 comes with a multi-axis optical and electronic stabilization system and a fast auto focus and promises sharp shots and stutter-free videos. For a more dynamic exposure range, the camera and video capabilities with HDR boost without delay, with an increase of white balance, a significant noise reduction and an excellent detail preservation have been improved.

DxOMark praises the fast auto focus, especially in bright light, the good detail reproduction both indoor and outdoor scenes and good exposure. The white balance is usually actually pleasant, colour reproduction is good. The noise is relatively low even in low light conditions. The Flash does a good job. A slight bluish cast, as well as low noise is occasionally recognizable at some outdoor shots.

for video recordings of fast and accurate auto-focus, as well as the highly effective stabilization impress. The camera of HTC delivers here a good exposure, a good white balance and good values in the image noise. The limited dynamism was criticized in highly dynamic scenes. There are slight loss of detail, with panning image used and light shades of color in low light conditions.

the Galaxy S8 could improve in comparison to the S7 in many areas, in which the Galaxy S7 has presented itself sometimes not quite so strong. So, DxOMark on the S8 praises an excellent auto focus, a precise white balance and a very effective noise reduction. The camera of the S8 even in low light conditions allows himself occasional weaknesses, the S8 achieved here not quite the sharpness of the competition. The values are better compared to the S7, but still air is up to some competitors.

 DxOMark: example photo (screenshot: ZDNet.de) after information of the tester the HTC U11 in weak light produces good images with low noise and many details (screenshot: ZDNet.de)

video recordings the Galaxy S8 has with the nose forward. DxOMark evaluated the exposure and dynamic range for videos with “very good”, the stabilization system (the S8 offers both an optical as an electronic stabilization at 4K-Videos) and the color reproduction rated DxOMark even awarded. The auto focus also presents itself very quickly because the S8 has a dual pixel auto focus as already the S7.

Samsung has although not the maximum number of points for its new flagships retracted, yet the two devices have excellent cameras that deliver a decent performance under all lighting conditions. Samsung has made lots of improvements to the Selfie camera. When it comes to Smartphone photography, the S8 are the other in nothing. The Samsung cameras present themselves as a whole also user friendly.



HTC U11 Google
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S7 edge

iPhone 7
DxOMark mobile photo 90 89 88 88 86
exposure and contrast 90 90 89 88 90
color 85 85 85 86 84
autofocus 95 93 93 92 89
textures 94 93 92 83 rushing 83
89 89 92 82 84
artifacts 87 84 75 87 96
Flash 88 88 87 91 81
DxOMark mobile video 89 88 88 88 85
exposure and contrast 86 86 88 88 85
color 86 86 86 86 85
autofocus 95 90 92 92 88
textures 87 84 83 83 83
roar 95 89 82 82 79
artifacts 87 88 87 87 84
stabilization 90 91 91 91 86

In extended CNET camera test by October had to Apple’s iPhone 7 plus Google pixel XL beaten. The pixel XL impressed especially when shooting with low light conditions. Also colour reproduction and sharpness were convincing. Overall, the tester certify an excellent camera technique two counterparties. Hardly any differences are visible in many situations. Often, the personal taste then decide first and second place. For portrait photos is however iPhone 7 plus clear that better suited. When shooting low-light, however, falls the choice on the Google phone. If brighter colors and a sharper background are desirable, that also offers pixel advantages.

 Galaxy S8: black, grey, Silver (image: Samsung) in Germany the S8 smartphones in the colors black, gray, and silver are offered (image: Samsung).


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