DVB-T2 HD: Freenet TV USB TV stick for PC, notebook and Mac available March 23

a few days before the start of the DVB-T2 HD rule operation on March 29, 2017 Freenet TV with the Freenet TV USB TV stick has officially launched a first portable solution for the reception of both the public and the private programs via the new digital terrestrial television. The stick TV page is available from Thursday 23 March for 59.99 Euros including small antenna in the trade and on the Freenet. He comes with a USB 2.0 port and provides access to approximately 40 programs in full HD picture quality on PC, laptop and Mac.

 Freenet TV USB stick for the DVB-T2 HD reception on PCs, notebooks and Macs (image: Freenet) Freenet TV USB stick for the DVB-T2 HD reception on PCs, notebooks and Macs (image: Freenet)

the changeover to DVB-T2 HD is a large part of today’s approximately four million DVB-T households affected. The expansion should take place gradually to mid 2019. The reception via antenna requires a new standard compatible TV or receiver.

who has a DVB-T2 HD-compatible hardware equipment, can receive free public TV programs. Who from March 29 via antenna also that only through Freenet TV spread, private broadcasters would like to receive, and requires in addition a less than 80 Euro expensive CI +-module that can be used directly in the appropriate smart TVs or set-top boxes, or alternatively one set-top box with integrated decryption. Appropriate devices can be seen in the Green Freenet-TV logo. Reception is free of charge until the June of end of, then can the private programs for 69 euros be unlocked in the year (5.75 euros a month). The requisite Freenet TV credit cards are available in over 3500 electronic markets and specialty stores, as well as on www.freenet.tv .

 Freenet TV connect (image: Freenet) Freenet TV connect (image: Freenet)

with the Freenet TV USB TV stick with integrated decryption Freenet offers also the possibility on the go via antenna the offer on PCs, notebooks and Macs can be received to make. The market launch is the stick with PCs and laptops from operating system Windows 7 and MAC OSx 10.09 and upward compatible.

stick users must download free software only the Freenet TV provided once online registration to the stick as well as the one-month Gratisfreischaltung to activate and then run a program search. A permanent Internet connection is not necessary to the television via the Freenet TV USB TV stick and charged hence no data volume. The software is available from 23 March to download available.

 network from March 29, 2017 (image: Freenet) network from March 29, 2017 (image: Freenet)

over a concise user guide according to provider can be changed among other things stations and additional information. In addition, a search function and the electronic program guide allow an ordered representation of the offer. The possibility to call up teletext and subtitle support operation. Are expected to be the middle of the year with the stick also the Internet-based IP programs via Freenet TV connect to be mobile accessible.

after the activation of the portable receiver for a month is free of charge. Then can the private programs on the stick as well as the stationary receivers for 69 euros per year be activated.

“to the Freenet TV USB TV stick we meet the need of consumers for mobile location-independent television, making an absolute novelty on the market”, says Kerstin bait, head of Freenet TV for media broadcast. “As the first and so far only portable solution allows the stick now also receive the private programs in full HD picture quality – and this without Internet and without consuming data volume. “The ‘ carefree package ‘ of Freenet TV for highest enjoyment of television is so complete.”

since May 31, 2016, households in selected metropolitan areas in a first stage can the programs of the first, ZDF, RTL, ProSieben, sat. 1 and VOX HD-quality in addition to the existing DVB-T service received. Most of the channels are broadcast in full HD resolution 1080 p at 50 frames per second. DISPLAY

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