“{” “” “” “” “” DroneShow, an event related to the world of the drone, which will be held in Catalonia

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DroneShow is the name chosen for the first fair of drones in Catalonia, which will for the first time open to the general public on 22 and 23 March from 18.00 to 21.00 hours with very interesting activities where among other things, you can fly a drone, something very interesting if you like this world, but for the moment, still not purchased a unit.

according to the intentions of the organizers, for they DroneShow to be that tool that year after year can connect to the professionals of the sector with industry drone at the same time getting that the public can know what this technology has to offer and even try it first-hand thanks to the celebration of certain competitions events and tests.

DroneShow began his career as an event able to show to the world the possibilities that offers the world dron.

the activities that will be held in DroneShow will be different every day. The first day, March 22 in the afternoon, organizers are planning to hold a round table moderated by one of the best youtubers in the sector as it is Rafael Cruz Duran, table where representatives of users that are starting, use recreational, sporting and professional drivers will have fitted.

day 23 will try to show everyone what steps should take today a user who wants to enter this world. This activity is aimed at the general public and fans, it will provide comparisons between economic and more expensive drones, what type of drone we need if we are getting, depending on the level, reaching the racing drones. As a final point, held a carraera and even several demonstrations of Free-Style drones in a mini circuit full of all kinds of obstacles.

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