Donald Trump meets with the CEO of Foxconn, will we see an iPhone made in USA. UU?

Donald Trump the President of the United States, will meet with the CEO of Foxconn . The visit has taken place in the nation’s capital this Thursday, which is estimated to have spoken of the possibility of transferring part of the factory to the North American country.

Donald Trump seeks to keep American products in the United States

the CEO of Foxconn has managed this meeting with the help of the head of SoftBank who already are meeting with Donald Trump last year. At that meeting the current President of the United States promoted the commitment of the Bank to provide $ 50 billion in operations in the country, which would mean more than 50mil new jobs.

the details of the meeting have not come to light . Even so, believed that he spoke of the possibility of Foxconn to move part of its factory to the United States.


Foxconn arises the union with Apple to create a plant in the United States

the month of January it was revealed that Foxconn was an investment, alongside Apple, 7 billion dollars for the joint creation of a plant in the United States in which Sharp would be in command.

have yet come to light other data that would demonstrate the doubts of Gou, CEO of Foxconn, on to build plants in the United States. Their doubts are especially considering that the country encourages does not work in this type of plants, as well as the controversy over working conditions and different mounting in Asian countries.

Trump wants Apple to manufacture their iPhones in the United

Trump has put too much pressure in the manufacture of the iPhone in the country that presides. One of the pillars of its policy is the creation of jobs in the United States whereas the recovery of these factories would increase the satisfaction of the country and reduce unemployment.


companies like Apple have their manufacturing in Asia for many aspects, being the most remarkable economic. In addition, these companies who have grown to Foxconn have been which is now considered one of the most prominent manufacturers.

do you think that Foxconn should open way in manufacturing in the United States? Is the idea of the President Donald Trump of manufacture in the country successful? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

via AppleInsider

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