Donald Trump has some weeks using a new iPhone

 Donald Trump

more than one year ago, coinciding with the conflict between Apple and the FBI in the case of San Bernardino, Trump decided to start a boycott against Apple . It seems that it has lasted you little, because he has seen recently with a new iPhone.

the case of San Bernardino caused Trump to change to an Android

after the case of San Bernardino, in which Apple refused to unlock an iPhone 5 c, Trump ceased in the use of an iPhone. Since that time, began to use Twitter for Android in what many speculated that he used a Samsung Galaxy S3 with about five years.

since recently, the US President is using Twitter for iPhone . In this case might be that changing to an iPhone or Tweet on your behalf any of his advisers or aides.

 Donald Trump, Tim Cook, Peter Thiel Donald Trump, Tim Cook and including Peter Thiel, President of PayPal

the 45 th President of the United States made the change to iPhone a few weeks

the director of social media and CEO of Donald Trump confirmed that the President of the United States has been using its new iPhone in recent weeks . The President himself has also been who has written most of the recent tweets.

The New York Times a while ago highlighted the security problems that could lead to the President using an Android outdated . It is important to note that many of his advisers and assistants, along with the secret service were not according to the device that you were using the current President of the United States.

what do you think that President Trump is again using an iPhone? Do you think that the boycott of Apple was simply a political movement? What do you think that Tim Cook of this fact think? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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