Does the Touch Bar future on upcoming devices?

a late last year, with the arrival of new MacBook Pro Apple introduced something that decided to call Touch Bar .
Now, and after a few months at the disposal of users, discuss this new feature future and what possibilities there are found in other devices (based on the latest rumors).

the Touch Bar, what is?

you can let many know that we are talking about, but there are always people who are not familiar with the latest releases of Apple.
The Touch Bar is basically a screen OLED (similar to that found on the Apple Watch) with a resolution of 2170 × 60 pixels located on the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro, right in the place where previously were function keys.

 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

this small screen is unique in modify your information enabling interact with the application that we are using in our MacBook Pro. Thus it is possible that in a moment let’s emojis (if we are with a messaging application) or play buttons (if you use a music player or video).
If you want to know more information, visit the official site of Apple .

would be so useful is the Touch Bar?

found opinions of those who have used it have in this point.
On the one hand we have users who are very happy and believe that this is the future of laptops from Apple .
On the other hand we have other users who believe that the classic keyboard was the best option
to . Being able to access functions of the keyboard, shortcuts and physically taking the key ESC

as we see the usefulness of this new feature will depend on the user and use to give to it.

why a Touch Bar instead of a touch screen?

Apple has two main operating systems, macOS and iOS . Both operating systems share functions and it is possible to perform tasks altogether. But clearly the use of each is different .
Interact with the same mode is also different. While iOS is intended, designed and optimized for fingers (or Apple Pencil), used in the new iPad Pro macOS requires the use of a mouse or trackpad and keyboard. A

think ‘hybrid’ system or incorporate touch features to macOS isn’t in Apple plans. And according to his own statements Tim Cook :

do not believe in having a single operating system for computers and mobile. These operating systems do different things. We have no interest in merging them.

la Touch Bar is the future of Macs?

if, as stated above, this new technology has its admirers and detractors, I think that is here to stay .
As developers adapt their applications to this “second screen”, you will find new and improved functions for your use.
Even though for now only be found in models more expensive range MacBook Pro, most likely in the not so distant future come cheaper models, as well as MacBook and may also see it in keyboards with iMac and Mac Mini .

 concept keyboard with Touch Bar

and the rest of the devices? Will you see this technology?

here would already have to guess a little more even. And review some of the many rumors that have emerged on the web.
For example, many are the rumors that speak of a new iPhone 8 no Home Boton . Optimizing practically all the front of the iPhone screen.
So we have seen some interesting concepts where the bottom screen (it is believed will be powered by OLED ) shows different options depending on the application that you are using (as with the current MacBook Pro).

if we see this concept, that surely only is an interesting idea, we see that the incorporation of this technology can be very useful.
The same, or more, would be for the iPad.

 concept of iPhone with Touch Bar concept of iPhone with Touch Bar

that is why I believe that we will surely see this feature in the upcoming devices from Apple. where? In that time? that you have no clear, although I doubt that in the next generation of them.
As I had in the beginning of this article, this is a personal opinion (and possibly a desire that is concrete), but there can be many different opinions on this issue. That’s that I encourage you to leave feedback on in the comments box.

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