Docker LinuxKit creates containers for Windows, macOS and cloud

docker the docker LinuxKit, presented with the minimalist Linux container for other platforms can be created. At the Conference the application container solutions provider turned out especially the safety of portable and slim containers DockerCon 17 which is under Windows, macOS, as well as in the cloud can be.

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the Toolkit for the creation of customized Linux subsystems was created in collaboration with the chip Developer ARM infrastructure providers such as HPE and cloud providers such as Microsoft and IBM. Linux Foundation will manage it as an open source project. The LinuxKit-code is available on GitHub. According to

docker is LinuxKit the users allow “to create highly secure Linux subsystems, because it is based on containers”. All processes including system daemons run in containers, so that users can put together a Linux subsystem, which provides only the services they need. Created systems showed a smaller attack surface compared to universal operating systems.

“LinuxKit provides the tools to build Linux subsystems, which contain only the components which requires the run-time platform”, explains in a blog docker-software developer Justin Cormack. “All system services are containers that can be exchanged, and everything can be removed, which is not required. All components can be replaced, meeting specific requirements by such. “It is a kit and thus in the docker philosophy supplied, but interchangeable batteries.”

LinuxKit allows that by bundling Linux with the docking platform. In this way, users can get Linux container support on platforms that do not have a native Linux, macOS and Windows. The Linux distribution used by LinuxKit is extremely slim, comes out in the most minimal form with only 35 MB and allows an extremely short boot time. The high portability allows use on desktops, servers, IoT devices and mainframes as well as bare-metal environments and virtualized systems.

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