Do you know that your iPhone calculator has a trick that nobody knows?

Apple tends to do so, to include small details in their devices that does not announce and that after a while, we just realizing the possibilities that have our devices. The iPhone, as it could not be otherwise, is the star of the Cupertino, and many are the possibilities that we know and many others which are hidden, and which make this a smart phone which always affords us pleasant surprises. In this case in particular, a very powerful tool and which usually take little advantage, has within it a trick that very few know about and that is revolutionizing social networking. Want to know what it is? “

the iPhone calculator has a trick which is a great discovery

 do know that your iPhone calculator has a trick that no one knows? can access the calculator through the center of control

will put us in context to know the importance of the discovery. Put us in case we have add some fees have recently had and we want to know how much amount, to get an idea of the impact they have on our finances. We began to introduce one of the figures and we suddenly realize, have confused a number . Unfortunately we it would be click on the letter “C” that would eliminate the figure full and we would have to re-enter it again in full.

and here comes the trick, simple, but very powerful. With a simple gesture we can delete the last entered digit and therefore not having to remove all the number by clicking the “C” key. We should so slide your finger on the numeric display in the calculator application, and with that simple movement that last figure that, by mistake, we have introduced evil it will be deleted, and we can introduce the correct . Simple, effective, powerful… and unknown.

a tweet from Sweden “returned” to make this secret option calculator iPhone

this cheat “returned” to collect notoriety thanks to a few days ago a Swedish young published it in his twitter account. Said tweet (Tweet in Spanish, that the SAR has already accepted it) in a few hours became viral and thereby reached a high notoriety, so that it has revolutionized the social networks with multiple comments. But we are using either the expression “returned”, because this was not an option unknown at all, but rather forgotten since for example, this Swedish young met the trick a few years ago through a publication of Reddit. But the time is what you have that buried many things in a temporary oblivion … until the network makes it to make viral.

what you think the trick, you know, you find it interesting? We’d like to know your opinion on this, share it with us.

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