Do you know how the Apple parts exchange program?

one of your devices are within one of the Apple parts exchange programs? do not know how to order the part or where to go to pick it up? Here we tell you as you should come and join this program.

first, see if your device is in the list of affected Apple

from the Apple company website can see a listing all programs replacement of parts that are available at the moment . Devices that are within these programmes range from 5W USB power adapters to some 6S iPhone battery.

 replacement program Apple

once to select the product can we know if our device is one of those affected following the guidelines of Cupertino indicate on its website . When it comes to a power adapter indicates us that devices with serial numbers which are suitable to participate in the program and changed us. If it affects us is our iPhone battery, for example, we must seek our serial number to find out if our device is affected.

your device form the list, how do request the replacement of the piece?

from the Cupertino company website offer us several alternatives for the replacement of the affected parts . Once from Apple have been verified serial number of the affected device (which have already asked you that you did before) suggest you that you change it in an Apple Store or a service provider authorized by Tim Cook company online either by directly contacting Apple’s technical service that you talked yesterday here .

 replacement program Apple alternatives to the Apple parts replacement program

Yes have near an Apple Store either a service provider authorised by them, can go directly there with your device or part in question and request the change directly . Arriving at the store, indicates that it is what you need and if in that time you have stock make you exchange without any problem. You have to leave the affected part to pick up the new. In the event that you have to replace a part of the iPhone, for example, make you change in a couple of hours and already you will be able to House quiet with your device in perfect condition.

would like to make replacement online?  After indicate you your country of origin, the serial number of your device and log in with your Apple, ID you can proceed to fill in the information you submit the piece to your home (or where you need to do so you get) . When the order in place, you will receive an e-mail from Apple share indicating that they have received your request and will send you the product as soon as possible.

 email from part of the programme of replacement of Apple email from part of the programme of replacement of Apple

once the piece is already in your hands, you can replace it . In addition, in the same package in which you will receive by the new part will come in a postage paid envelope so that you can restore the problematic part . You only have to look for a mailbox or a post office to send the affected piece back to Apple.

the Apple technical service contact: in this case from Apple you will prompt in which which is the best alternative for you and will proceed to send the piece directly requested by phone or you can indicate you that you go to the nearest store.

 service from Apple

you now to you, you have participated in this program for repair or replacement of parts by Apple? Tell us about your experience in the comments box.

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