Do social networks we isolated from others?

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in the globalised world in which we live, one of the biggest revolutions in communication have been social networking. But all are benefits?

now we could say that there is no person who does not use networks on a daily basis, either to report the news or entertainment. This is something that has changed our habits of consumption and life; While it is true that they help us to communicate and allow us to be connected with people miles away, maybe that the use of social networks is also us taking isolation unless we realize just he has.

a study analyzes the effect of social networks in our lives

a study published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine a continued use of social networks is associated with an increased perception of social isolation. aside from the alarming can be this data for our mental health, also must take into account the consequences for the physical health of this data. And it is that a greater social isolation is associated with changes in weight, sleep patterns and even in our immune system.

that is why should perform the following reflection: do social networks we isolate? All have had that feeling be waiting for public transport and, out of boredom, begin to scroll down on our facebook almost no attention by the mere act of spending time. At present we could ask if that action is giving us something really significant ; It is not the same to interact with our friends displaying contents like automatons. In my opinion, there is the key factor of the subject and the thorny debate: the two sides of the coin of social networks. Serve single intercom as item because they allow us to do things until now unthinkable but also have that point of isolation that makes us fall on the opposite side of the scale. “

social networks can lead us to a pessimistic perception of our reality social networks insulation  

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on the other hand, I think that for a while now we’ve fallen in a model of social interaction created under the guise of self-esteem based on achievement . It would not be the first time that we hear news of a model risking their lives to make a selfie or people doing terrible things to get more followers on your social networks. In the end, tend to seek the approval of others which translates into more likes in that picture of Instagram or more views on our YouTube videos at times running.

and this occurs because in our social networks is all happiness and harmony; No one hangs on her facebook wall: “Today I have laid off”; This leads to an effect of comparison of the lives of others with our which can lead to a decline in our self-esteem or a distorted perception of our reality doing that we perceive our life worse than it is. Either way, this is my personal opinion, but I want to know yours are less happy and less interact by using social networks?

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