DJI talks about its new multimedia content platform


A regret that there are many companies that seem to be interested in offering all users that platform capable of reaching all types of devices where to share with our friends, loved ones or with the community our recordings photographs… This is now possible thanks to the latest great creation by DJI same that already has confirmed will be available not only for mobile operating systems, but for all kinds of smart TVs, viewing systems…

the idea that DJI is all those content creators offer a robust and interesting platform where you can upload their creations and present them to the community. Videos that, logically, it will be created by drones and cameras of the Chinese company. The most interesting, as insurance will be thinking, is that these videos and photographs do not have why be edited so that they reach the platform, but can be uploaded directly from the own drone full resolution .

TV DJI, a new platform to share our videos without having to edit them directly from our drone.

as reviewed no less than Paul bread senior product manager of DJI:

have done that flying drones and aerial capture is very easy with our unmanned aircraft and now, with the implementation of DJI TV, creators will have more ways to share your work with the world.

personally still remember as other types of companies, much more oriented initially to the creation of videos, such as GoPro own announced several months ago his idea to create a platform like this, an idea which unfortunately and due to the poor business results have fallen on deaf ears, at least until the undisputed leader of the drone world has decided to recycle it develop it and make it available to all their users.

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