DJI Goggles, glasses to fly drones in first person

along with published details, apparently the DJI Goggles, in turn, they have a single Wi-Fi technology which allows, according to the Chinese company, to receive Visual cues from the drone with minimal latency. As detail, comment, because the resolution is also something that we should take into account, that it will be a few 720 p at 30 fps while if the drone is near, it can grow up to the 1080 p at 60 fps in long distances.

as a final detail, let know you that sunglasses have a technology that allows us to move the angle with which recording camera with just moving the head or, thanks to a touch panel, move through the menu of the device or control the drone in certain modes. If you are interested in the DJI Goggles, let know you that they are compatible with the Phantom 4, Inspiere and the Mavic Pro . Sunglasses reach the market on 20 may at a price of 499 dollars in the United States and 549 euros in Europe .

further information: DJI

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