Disney invests in MakieLab, a manufacturer of dolls by printing 3D

Disney is interested in the quality of printed dolls 3D MakieLab and bought part of the company.

on the other hand, it is known that MakieLab has moved part of their business to United States where it has been accepted in the throttle of Disney home. At the same time, the company has begun offering its customers outfits for their dolls with patterns maleficent or Minnie Mouse, two of the main properties of Disney.

talking a little about the history of MakieLab and how it has managed to be adqurida by Disney, we have to point out that since its inception the English company allowed that after filling out a brief form through your own website something that could make any a boy or a girl because of its ease, this could choose online basic Doll design. From this election it could customize it with hair, eye color and skin tone. Once these features were configured you could choose clothes and sent the design to the company, which printed the physical doll in an industrial 3D printer, wore it, and sent it.

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