DietPi, an interesting system for our Raspberry Pi


there are many operating systems for our Raspberry Pi, many Gnu/Linux distributions as there are or at least almost. Although usually Raspbian as operating system we all use. However, even within Raspbian we find different options.

one of these options is called DietPi a Gnu/Linux distribution for plates SBC, which is based on Debian but that is highly optimized for ARM platforms.

DietPi is not only compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi plates but it is also compatible with other boards such as Banana Pi, Orange Pi, Odroid or NanoPi.

DietPi occupies less space having an image smaller than Raspbian Lite Raspbian Lite despite having the same base

DietPi about 400 mb, but is optimized for the memory ram and Platform for SBC plates, which makes the operating system is very fast and lightweight. This operating system has a lightweight desktop that environment uses the menu system whiptail something that makes it a GUI quickly for the user.

DietPi has also several tools DietPi-software that provides a store to install applications with one click, DietPi-Backup to make backups of our operating system or DietPi-Config, a script like Pi-Config which allows us to configure and optimize hardware and software distribution.

DietPi is a completely free and open operating system. We can achieve this through your website, where we will get the image of discharge as well as support for operation If you have a problem.

If you use Raspberry Pi as minipc or other SBC plate, you should have an optimized operating system. Surely if you have version 3, Raspbian or Ubuntu are good options, but If you have Raspberry Pi model B, may be the best choice DietPi do not you think?

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