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only with a ball at your feet, and controversial as few outside the field, Diego Maradona could enter in a surprise legal clash with nothing less than Konami . The key is Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 which in its legends of the mode section MyClub presents the player. Maradona said that Konami you are using his image and told his lawyer to initiate appropriate actions. On the other side, Konami says that it obtained the necessary rights through the Barcelona. Who is right…?

image rights have become a very sensitive issue for soccer players. Some athletes have a demand so high that they can move millions of euros per year with just give her face a brand, and the cake is making giant. One of the cases more media was that of Lionel Messi, who received a sentence of 21 months of prison in suspense by evade more than four million euros between 2007 and 2009, while the Spanish Treasury is now targeted to Cristiano Ronaldo by -EUR 150 million. However, what we find here today is a different case: the use of the image of a player without his permission. or at least, that’s what says Diego Armando Maradona .

so Maradona announced his intention to sue to Konami. And the fact that it is automatically the best player of the PES 2017 is not relevant…

Through his official profile on Facebook, Maradona announced the discovery that Konami used his image in the PES 2017 . In fact, the game was released in September of last year, and is not very difficult to find shots that show a very young Maradona, with an appearance similar to which was when he played for Barcelona (1982-1984) . Also added that his legal representative Matías Morla «will initiate appropriate legal action» and waiting «that is not another scam» . Various media came into contact with Konami, and one of their spokesmen reported that the rights of the player for his presence in the legends of MyClub mode section were obtained through the own club Barcelona, thanks to a special agreement signed in July 2016, with a duration of three years. Puyol, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Luis Enrique are other Catalan players who appear in the game.

in the best of cases, both parties reach a solution in private and the conflict will be solved, but it would be very interesting from the legal standpoint to determine if a club can retain a portion of the image of a player rights (aún si son colectivos) 35 years after having his shirt dress.

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