Development and hosting by Alexa skills across AWS Developer in future almost free with

a new Amazon Programme to Amazon according to for tens of thousands of developers developing and hosting the most Alexa skills about Amazon Web services (AWS) now practically free will. Echo

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developers receive $ 100 as AWS credit that can then use it for their skill of Alexa for a published skill. Further AWS-skills costs for it, the developer also are entitled to monthly credits in the amount of $ 100. Interested parties must register only under Through the program, developers gain access to AWS, to skills for Alexa, cloud platform to program echo and other devices, the cloud based speech recognition system behind Amazon.

creating skills is basically free for developer of the AWS free tier. It includes a million AWS lambda requests and up to 750 hours of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) computing power per month. With the new program developer, which exceed the free AWS offer because of the growth of their skill or want to scale their skill can offset the credits on AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple storage service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon CloudFront – be it for computing, database storage, content delivery or other functionalities.

Amazon echo and Amazon echo dot can since mid-February for 179,99 EUR 59.99 Euros respectively be ordered. Until then, the two devices, which were presented to the end of October in Germany were available only upon invitation. DISPLAY

wireless networking: free ride for vehicles of the next generation of

has become the networking of vehicles over the last 20 years to a medium for general safety messages and traffic management. But nowadays cars are equipped with new sensors to achieve even better networked and safer driving.

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