Deutsche Telekom enters industrial data space Association

Deutsche Telekom enters the industrial data space Association (IDSA) case, as the company announced on Monday. The industrial data space has the goal to promote the framework conditions for a digital networked economy and to establish a sovereign, secure data exchange. The initiative was founded in 2016 by several ministries together with representatives from research and industry. The industrial data space Association works closely with the homonymous research project of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft together, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research. Here is the development of the reference architecture, the technical implementation of the industrial data space as well as the Pilotisierung in selected applications in the Center.

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the automation and networking of all living and work areas establish new business models in all sectors and changing enterprise structures, so new Member of Telekom. The basis for this interaction of services, such as the predictive maintenance of machines or tracking in real time, is the exchange of data. The new industrial raw material make necessary but clear governance arrangements for the safe use of the data and an industry – specific and company-wide technical standard data.

exactly for this purpose, the IDSA was formed and created a virtual data space, supports in business ecosystems the secure exchange of data and the easy link on the basis of standards and with the help of community governance models. The industrial data space is legally clear specifications, international standards, as well as a secure technology answers to the questions who may use what data for what purpose, for what period of time. All members retain sovereignty over their information and releasing them to only trusted, certified partners can make data protection requirements.

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“Companies must be able to decide the conditions under which they provide their data to their partners”, explains Lars Nagel, Managing Director of industrial data space Association. The safety aspect plays a fundamental role. Deutsche Telekom has recently with the line of business “ Telekom security ” founded a separate security area is to combine the security expertise of the entire group. Some 1,200 experts are working on the protection of infrastructure and client systems, as the company explained. Deutsche Telekom also develop new security solutions with renowned partners and continuously build out their own security systems to identify new forms of hacker attacks and prevent them. Maximum security in the cloud to ensure own statements according to the group, including a growing range of German cloud solutions, operated according to strict German data protection in high-security twin Center.

“digitization is also a matter of trust. Our security experts ensure worldwide every day, that customer data such as infrastructure are best protected and our customers with a secure feeling in new digital business models”, says Anette Bronder, Managing Director Telecom security and Digital Division T-systems. “We are pleased to support this initiative and to bring our know-how for the protection of sensitive information and infrastructure.”

(Bild: IDSA) (Bild: IDSA)

for the industrial data space Association is another important success step membership of Deutsche Telekom. “The work on the industrial data space lives by its members.” As more companies introduce themselves, their expertise and their requirements for a secure and sovereign data exchange, the more successful implementation will,”says Lars Nagel.

(Bild: IDSA) (Bild: IDSA)

already by 2015 the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft planned together with partners from the industry and the support of the Federal Government an international open data space for the economy. The name of industrial data space was already there. The aim was to develop standards that apply to all participating companies. The members of IDSA come from industry, services and trade. They cover a wide range of sectors and industries. Also work with well renowned software companies and research institutions. Alliance, Audi, Bayer, Bosch, Fraunhofer, Huawei, SAP, Siemens and Volkswagen are among more than 70 member companies, to name a few. The Office sits at the Fraunhofer Institute for material flow and logistics IML in Dortmund. «An overview of objectives and architecture of the» industrial data space “offers also the white paper of the Fraunhofer Institute .

presented at the Hanover Trade fair industrial data space Association according to German Telecom their first interim results. Sixteen examples should illustrate the benefits of safe and standardized data exchange. During the Hannover Fair interested from April 24 to 28 at the booth of Deutsche Telekom in Hall 7, stand A40 itself can gain an impression of the products and services.


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