Desktop Metal soon will allow us to print in house metal parts

 Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal wants reality one of the biggest dreams of the maker community from long ago, affordable 3D printing parts using metal as material of construction . While it is true that large companies long ago who already work with technologies that allow printing on metal so far was required of monstrous and heavy machines.

this company aims to change the international landscape, ensuring that your printing system will be the fastest in the world . For the first time printing affordable metal 3D, safe and accurate for prototypes and mass production will be available in all industries, to 100 times faster speeds. “

Desktop metal reveals their 3D printers

 Desktop Metal Printer

the manufacturer wants to market DM Production and 2 different equipment DM Studio . These exceptional teams can form objects from hundreds of different alloys including steel, titanium, aluminum and copper. According to the CEO of the company, the components manufactured by your printers can be compared to articles molded by injection, in terms of quality of production and finish . The arrival of this new technique of manufacturing wants to change how products will be developed and put to the market, manufacturing costs will be reduced at the time that significantly increase the speed, security and printing quality.

benefits of technology developed by Desktop Metal

3D printing system metallic from this manufacturer is apparently 10 times cheaper than current technology . It is technologically a complete platform, which includes both a printer and a sintering furnace, powered by microwave. Together provide geometries complex, even impossible, to metal 3D printed parts designers engineers office or in any shop.

is built to support hundreds of different metal alloys – the same metals used to mass-produce parts now can be used for prototyping. The system does not require dedicated operators and makes use of software based on the cloud to streamline the entire workflow, so you can spend assisted design software by computer (CAD) to the printed pieces without problems. Patented detachable stands allow to manually remove the structures of support while the interchangeable print cartridges allow materials safe and rapid changes.

the system eliminates the need for costly manufacturing facilities to accommodate security technology. Unlike the traditional processes of 3D printing in metal, no hazardous dust, laser, or cutting tools is required to operate. instead, uses the deposition of metals United (BMD) a patented process, to make precise parts and repeatable, like to the more secure and widely used process of 3D printing for plastics, (FDM) Fused deposition modeling technology.

the Studio DM can print 16 cm3 speed per hour 50 micron layer resolution and using a useful area of 300 x 200 x 200 mm printing similar to the majority of domestic 3D printers

 Desktop Metal Print

a unique model for making mass

for the manufacture of metal parts Printed 3D large scale manufacturer presents DM Production Team the fastest 3D printing system for the mass production of metal parts of high resolution today. Using the new and exclusive Jet (SPJ), this team step technology is 100 times faster than current manufacturing system in additives based on laser . For users, this drastically reduces the cost apiece compared to laser-based systems, which equates competitively the production by using casting mass production printing.

from company was founded in October 2015 Desktop Metal has raised $97 million and attracted large investors including GV (previously Google Ventures), BMW group, GE, lowe’s, NEA, LUX capital, Aramco Saudi and Stratasys. With more than 138 patents filed, and a growing team of more than 100 employees Desktop Metal is gaining momentum to bring its products to a market that is waiting impatiently.

price and availability

printer is not yet on sale but in the manufacturer’s website you will find a detailed price where there are plenty of options, from acquiring a team of $120000 cost to hire a payment model for use with a monthly cost of $4000 . It is true that an individual can hardly afford these costs, but many will be sectors of the industry that are on this computer the opportunity you were waiting for access to the technology of printing 3D metal

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