“Designer changes the front of your iPhone network by one of iPhone black matte

 iPhone Black front network

in the last days, many have been the comments that we have received about the last color for iPhone 7 that Apple released last week , the iPhone network, range (PRODUCT) network TM income will go to the fight against one of the most resonant diseases in our century, HIV.

network iPhone and the controversy of the color of its front

in addition to rating the new color color, many users of Apple have been criticizing (some in favor and others against) than the front of this new style of iPhone white. users are not made according to the matter of whether the front should be black or white. the concepts were soon brought to light how would be this same iPhone with a black front. But like me I say, for tastes, colors (and never better said).

 network iPhone

a designer makes this change of front and fits an iPhone pretty unique

as a designer, advocate of having a black front on your iPhone network, has not taken to do”crazy”which is disarming its iPhone network and your iPhone Black mat. Unarmed once you have made a change between both. Black Matt has passed the front of the iPhone is the iPhone network. With this Exchange, everyone happy, because is possessor of something that nobody else has, a network iPhone with a black front panel. do not you think it you? Then look at the video that went up to the platform of YouTube showing to perfection the process of removal and change of front. Note that in a few minutes he has achieved this. 

now I’d like to know your opinion regarding this topic which you have both discussed in social networks these days. iPhone network with front black or white? On what side are you? What do you think is prettier? Let us all your opinions in the comments box that will be happy to read and discuss with you.

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