Delsat International Group settles in Teruel industrial airport

 Delsat International Group

Delsat International Group is a company from Aragon that with the passage of time has specialized in the development of surveillance and security systems. This same company has created an own division for operations with drones that will offer services both in the field of security and safety as well as in technical and scientific works, analysis of infrastructure and buildings, accuracy, advertising, surveying, agriculture tourism and culture.

to carry out all these tasks, Delsat International Group has reached an agreement with the public Consortium that manages Teruel airport to be able to rent an office located on the first floor of the building of the airport services where those responsible for this new division will coordinate the technical and commercial activity and can even develop training programs for pilots of drones that can make their practices at the airport.

Delsat International Group expands its presence in the market thanks to its new division of drones monitoring.

no doubt we are facing a new test of how technology and above all the great possibilities that offers the world of drones may be more than interesting both for open a new business as to expand that already offer certain undertakings as it can be the case specific Delsat International Group.

on the other hand, are talking about a market growing so it is something to take into account that, while safe, at least in the beginning, many students will find work within Delsat International Group, the truth is that the market is growing so fast and there are so many companies testing this technology be a detail for companies such as Delsat International Group to provide training courses for new drivers in the short term, well-formed drones controller can be a great idea.

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