Dell wants to return later this year in the consumer segment

Dell wants to still seem to be in the course of the year – preferably in time to the Christmas – again with notebooks strategically and attract targeted consumers. Currently the focus of Dell’s business is Alienware – here – apart from the gaming PCs and notebooks of Dell brand clearly on the B2B sector. Although Dell sells PCs and notebooks in principle also to private consumers, strategically the company had turned away but 2011 from this market.

 Michael Dell (image: Dell Technologies) Michael Dell (image: Dell Technologies)

Ulrike Rüger, Dell as Sales Director client solutions Germany, in Germany for the segment, hinted at a press event in Munich to the ZDNet sister site, that apparently mainly the presence in major retail markets – and in particular those of media-Saturn group that is the aim. That is important in the notebook segment just to be noticed in Germany.

also rankles the producers apparently that he sold to the measured quantities behind HP Inc. and Lenovo only third. That should change. Aim is, first of all to take place – and also the presence and the sales in the retail sector should help. All rely you don’t want to: Dell Manager Rachel sees good opportunities to expand the B2B business – not least at the expense of competitors -. It points in particular to the Ultrabooks presented in the past few months and convertibles, as well as the mobile workstations.


Windows 10 creators update – these are the changes

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plans for the push into the consumer market seems also to bring suitable products on the market to Dell. There is still no concrete announcements to do so, they should follow but over the course of the summer. It is also expected to notebooks be, might as well convertibles or Ultrabooks . These segments were measured the total market of PCs last above-average. For example, increased sales of notebook computers in the consumer segment by 7.5 per cent. Reached so not quite the good figures of business notebooks (an increase of 8.9%) but significantly contributed that the overall market despite declining PC sales developed positively again for a long time.

 Dell Vostro 3568 (image: Dell) the notebook Dell Vostro 3568 (image: Dell)

on Dell wants to offer not just existing, designed for the field of B2B products in retail anyway. Because one wants to push the B2B business with the presence in the trade and wants to call on decision makers in the private environment in memory, is also not to assume that Dell goes into the lowest price segment.

probably equipment in the area will come more but just under 1000 euro with special technical features and possibly auffälligerem design on the market, which will then help to present itself as a reliable and trusted brand.

HP has never abandoned this business and is thus also phased in through difficult times in the B2B segment across saved. The group now serves the lowest price segment with the Compaq brand. He wants so obviously not give it up, but it also watered down not his own brand.

Lenovo is in the notebook market with the number acquired from IBM think pad on the way and uses his own name for this as well as for its more expensive tablets. In Europe and especially in Germany he served Chinese manufacturer consumer with the Medion brand. With her, he is mainly as a House – and purveyor of Aldi in the business endeavors but for some time more, to apply the Medion’s own online shop and bring Medion products through other channels to consumers.


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the Chuwi Hi10 plus with Windows 10 home and Android 5.1.1 two OSes. This can be used very flexibly the 10.8 inch Tablet – especially if you the optional Bluetooth keyboard ordered. And the whole thing is there at an attractive price: the initial variants, no 200 euros.

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