Dell EMC makes backup integrated appliance

Dell EMC at Dell EMC World in Las Vegas new backup solutions announced. The Dell EMC integrated data protection Appliance (IDPA) combines data domain, backup software, software to search for data and Analytics for data backup in a ready solution. New features in the Dell EMC Cloud Data Protection portfolio offer data backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. The Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance is available in four versions with 34 TB usable capacity up to 1 Petabyte available, can be ordered now and will be generally available starting summer 2017. The new cloud features are available with the new versions of data domain Virtual Edition (3.1) and the data protection suite.

 Dell EMC (image: Dell EMC)

make solutions such as backup software, backup server and search server for different applications, platforms and data to do’s in securing their data today often have with a variety of willingness. The operation of these systems is often time-consuming, to isolated data backup environments, causing a complex management. Dell promises the Elimination of such problems with the new, pre-integrated Dell EMC integrated data protection Appliance (IDPA). In IPDA, backup storage, backup software, software for data search and Analytics for data backup in a single, easily insertable appliance are United.

a broad range of workloads in physical and virtual environments covers according to the manufacturer – including a large ecosystem of application and support of numerous hypervisors. The appliance supports cloud tiering for the automated removal of long-term data, so their coverage seamlessly extend to settle on the cloud, and with technologies for encryption as well as error detection and correction. Their leading de-duplication for both on-premise and cloud data allows for an average de duplication rate of 55:1, so Dell EMC, in addition the appliance in the position is without scale overhead.

the Flash-based and VMware-optimized system for VM instant access and recovery of virtual machines allows it to meet the most stringent RPO and RTO requirements in VMware environments. The appliance as a live store in test environments can be used through their Flash-based resources.

in addition the IDPA offers integration into mission-critical platforms, including MongoDB, Hadoop and MySQL, and thus allows improved performance as well as a higher degree of data control is aimed. It also brings in a consistent user interface for easy doing of the daily backup tasks, such as the planning and management of jobs, setting up guidelines for storing data in the cloud or the fulfillment of service level agreements.

the IDPA in four different versions will be available to meet the diverse needs of medium-sized and large companies: DP5800, DP8300, DP5300 and DP8800. The entry level model brings 34 terabytes of usable capacity, the high variant a Petabyte. Dell EMC services such as remote monitoring or the automated delivery of spare parts from globally distributed service depots provide more security.

in addition to the new appliance Dell EMC has expanded its comprehensive range of multi-cloud ready data security solutions. New features in the Dell EMC Cloud Data Protection portfolio now offer data backup and disaster recovery in the cloud.

with the new version 3.1 of data domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) company that promises performance, efficiency and reliability of data domain in the cloud available, such as the manufacturer stands. Enables backups both conventional and new workloads in Amazon Web services (AWS) and Microsoft azure and supports replication to the cloud, the cloud and within the cloud. Using the data protection suite, these backups can be to monitor and evaluate.

in addition the combination of data domain and data protection suite extends now hedging on-premise environments to AWS S3, which company should be a cost-effective disaster recovery in the cloud at the disposal. Within, in an emergency, images of virtual machines can be restored and operated by AWS. The data can be transferred here safely and efficiently, and minimal computational cycles and resources in AWS are required. Because either the data protection suite or data domain in the cloud must be operated, compute cycles apply only when restoring, which companies save more cost, as the provider promises.

“The new Dell EMC IDPA combines all necessary key technologies in an integrated complete solution – including functions for searching, the monitoring and Analytics”, says Oliver Lotz, Sales Director Germany data protection solutions at Dell EMC. “Covers a wide range of applications in both physical and virtual environments that enables backup and recovery efficiency and seamlessly extends back to public and private cloud.” “Exactly the same thing makes our advanced data protection portfolio: it protects data, no matter where they are.”


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