Delete After Days: program the removal of files and folders

with Delete After Days, you can delete files and folders in an interval of time this method is very good for users that install many platforms and constantly create directories, the environment will help to keep your computer clean of files and folders into disuse .

another option that directly gives us operating system, configure the Recycle Bin, to determine the removal of files automatically, after a number of days that you determine.

Once downloaded the program from their official website, you’ll notice a great icon in a new Recycle Bin from your desktop. You can now drag and drop files and folders to delete them automatically after a number of certain days. If you run the environment will notice its minimalist interface that only allows you to program the removal of platforms and files, 30, 180 and 365 days. Here we we miss be able to customize the days. “

 a simple platform a simple platform

use the platform is very simple, first you have to select the folder or file and drag it to the icon of the utility, at this point the tool will ask you determines the automatic elimination period (30, 180 or 365 days) and will be added to the list. It is list is visible by the user at any time, to check or cancel the scheduled elimination. “

 days can not be customized not is you can customize the days

also if you click on the icon of the platform with the auxiliary button of the mouse, the shortcut menu will be enabled, from there you can delete all files that are soon removed, remove them from the list or remove the expiry date.

Delete After Days is a very good environment for delete files and folders after a number of specific days . And although it does not allow to customize the days, its simplicity and functionality make it a platform that deserves a chance.

Delete After Days is a free program which is available for Windows operating systems.

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