Cybercrime: “We catch only the stupid”

on the stage of the Internet-Conference Re: publica 17 Andreas may public prosecutor of Frankfurt am Main, about the investigation behind the virtual walls of Verschlüsslungen, firewalls and fake identities reported. The Darknet is surprisingly small, may emphasized this week in Berlin. Prosecutors expect worldwide with about two million users who communicate via the Tor browser or surf.

the proportion of users from Germany was “vanishingly small”. Only about two or three percent of the Darknet were German-speaking. He cited estimates that 50 percent of transactions in the Darknet in any way are “illegal”. However, he also said that this was to a large extent crimes, whose tracking not worth overlooking the burden.

 motive photo hacker (image: Shutterstock)

because”nothing is technically for us when the door is to make. Flapsig I could say ‘we catch only the stupid’ “.” After his experience, arms dealers in the Darknet often were neither professionals nor hard criminals. “Often we have to do it, even personally meeting with us, once we ordered weapons with very benighted people. We exercise then the leniency.”

the offer is – simply put – penalties in Exchange for accounts and shops. Very many of the perpetrators were willing to cooperation in other investigations. “You can imagine, if they continue with the shops, we can collect sooner or later their customers”, underlines may.

because it is not possible to intercept the gate streams ( at least for the German authorities ), to follow or to crack, proceed is undigital: Although investigators initially speak protected by the anonymity of the darknets with the arms dealers and their customers. But after the first contact the other shops in the places play is, “Real life” called may.

traders and customers meet with the undercover investigators personally. You send packages with weapons or drugs by mail or a courier service. “Here, we have all possibilities with our traditional methods to work.”

sound may be however “highly risky” entering this grey area. “We must carefully documenting everything we do, and prove that we adhere to the laws. Not legally determine enters Germany definitely not.”


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