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get free game Cut the Rope: Magic for iPhone and iPad

this week of App Store, the store team of Apple applications, has chosen the game Cut the Rope: Magic for iPhone and iPad as the free App of the week . In this game you have to help your little character, Om Nom, has get their lost candies as you convert it magically. Know all the features of this application and download it then.

After 960 million downloads, the series Cut the Rope launched its new and magical sequel, we speak of the game Cut the Rope: Magic where you’ll have to go to Om Nom in your new adventure and magically transform it so that it can regain candies that robbed an evil sorcerer.

Enjoy incredible developments in Cut the Rope: Magic for iOS

in the history of this adventure a magical accident has made Om Nom to teleport to a mystical world full of complex puzzle for players of all ages. Will you know how to use the new skills of Om Nom to avoid the tricks and traps of the evil sorcerer? The latest installment of this famous entertainment franchise around the world represents a new twist on the already iconic game physics and puzzle Cut the Rope. Now you can enjoy more than 160 new levels inspired by a colorful magical world full of spectacular images.

Throughout the game you can find:

  • a magical world with sound, game features and completely new graphics.
  • 6 ways to transform Om Nom into magical creatures during their journey.
  • Heads of level difficult to overcome that they will test your ability to break strings and eat candies.
  • More than 160 all-new puzzles and many more coming soon.

In addition, you also can and must transform to Om Nom to get it to recover all their candy in each level. Among the various creatures in which you will have to convert magically, we can find:

  • the shape of the bird, which allows you to fly over obstacles and traps.
  • As a baby, which makes that he can sneak by small and narrow spaces.
  • Form of fish, serves to plunge into the water and catch the delicious candies.
  • In mouse, giving you a sense of the most acute sense of smell to find the candy that he likes so much.
  • Ghost-shaped nothing is to be lodged in the path of Om Nom during their magical journey.
  • The Dragon, with this form you can invoke a powerful sneeze which will all jump into the air.

Furthermore this is not all, because its developers never stops working and soon submit new levels and transformations.

Download Cut the Rope: Magic from the App Store

If you do not have this game of mental agility for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, you’ll find below.

Cut the Rope: Magic is in the App Store, requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is available in the following languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish.

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